how-to-take-creatine.jpgProbably the most common question asked about creatine is “how do I take creatine?”. Today I’m going to show you the best way of taking creatine monohydrate.

There are so many myths about taking creatine monohydrate, most of these myths lead to lifters taking too much creatine. With creatine less is more, once you saturate your muscles with creatine the rest is literally wasted.

Do you need to load creatine?

This is the 69,000 dollar question! Since creatine monohydrate first came onto the market the manufacturers have been saying that you must load creatine in order to saturate your muscles creatine in the shortest possible time. New scientific research is now suggesting that you don’t have to load creatine in order to get the maximum effect. These studies are still not conclusive.

Do I load creatine? Yes. From my own research on creatine I’ve found too many conflicting studies saying, yes load it, or no, don’t load it. So to be on the safe side, I load it. The worst that’s going to happen is that your body excretes the excess creatine. Plus, you’re only loading for 5 days so taking excess creatine for 5 days only is not going to harm the body in any way. And finally, creatine monohydrate is very cheap these days so it’s not wasting too much money.

Taking creatine daily.

Once you’ve gone through the first 5 days (or loading phase) all you need to do is maintain the levels of creatine in your muscles. Some people think that you need to load creatine before your workout, but I believe this is a myth. The reason being is that once you’ve loaded creatine it’s just a matter of keeping the levels up. Creatine levels in your muscles will not get depleted unless you train. So really, there is no reason to take ti before you train, but all the more reason to take it after training.

After training is the best time to take creatine. Why? Because your creatine levels are down and if you’re taking the right ingredients in your post workout shake, you’ll get excellent creatine uptake. By the right ingredients, I really mean dextrose. Dextrose causes an insulin spike which moves nutrients in and out of muscle tissue much faster. In this case, the insulin spike with move creatine, protein and amino acids into your muscle right after your workout.

How much to take.

Studies have shown that 5g of creatine per day is sufficient for most people. If you’re very muscular and large (only pro bodybuilders fit into this category) you may want to increase the daily dose to 10g.


  • The loading phase is not essential, but my advice is to do it.
  • Take creatine post workout with simple carbs.
  • Take only 5g of creatine a day, the rest is wasted.
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michael - 28 May 08 at 06:19:26

Is it advisable to take creatine even on non-workout days? If so, should I at least lower the dosage to, say, 2-3g?

admin - 27 Jun 08 at 19:48:22


Yes, you should take creatine every day. You should still take the whole dosage, 5g. Preferably with simple carbohydrates or grape juice

burim - 03 Sep 08 at 16:28:20

im 17 years old..and im traingin near 1 year..can i take creatin monohydrate 100%??

kashif - 17 Sep 08 at 03:47:28

how creatin should be taken?, either with the milk or any fruit juice specaily grape juice

craig - 26 Oct 08 at 00:12:58

Hi my question is simple, im new to lifting weights and I was just wondering if creatine would help someone like myself or if it only works good on people who have been working out for a longer time

CSG Admin: Peter - 12 Nov 08 at 20:03:17

Creatine will help new and seasoned lifters alike!

CSG Admin: Peter - 12 Nov 08 at 20:04:17

@kashif – creatine should be taken with dextrose (simple carbs) or with grape juice. It should not be taking with high acidity juices like orange juice.

curt - 09 Jan 09 at 20:35:18

i cant load, it gives me an upset stomache, i just start and stay at 5mg, will i reach the same goals as if i were to load?

sandeep - 13 Jan 09 at 02:43:55

if the creatine is energy booster why should it will b take after workout? why not before workout?

Kristian - 02 Feb 09 at 12:57:22

Thank YOU. Finally, someone who knows how to explain things correctly. You helped.

ellen kim - 03 Feb 09 at 16:21:18

I am taking Amplified Creatine from GNC. I has about a gram per capsule. I am 47 y/o, 5 feet 1 in., I intensely workout 3-4 days a week. How much creatine should I take? Should I take it everyday?

Joshb - 12 Feb 09 at 21:51:30

Because it takes a while for creatine to saturate your muscle, so when you step into the gym the extra energy if from the previous days consumption, so taking it before wouldn’t help at all.

Rob - 17 Apr 09 at 12:41:12

Thanks for the information. I usually have a protein shake after a workout. Is it reasonable to add the creatine there? Should it be taken separately from the shake? Thanks!

joakim25 - 05 Jun 09 at 15:30:40

im 14 years is that old enough to take creatin?

pee - 07 Jul 09 at 03:47:08

my son started taking creatine (size on) he plays highschool football and trains for about 9 months. he also plays baseball and trains the next 3 months of the year. He is 15 years old and 240.lbs. I tried to discurage him from taking this product because I know nothing about it. but he takes it anyway because he says it’s good for him in what he is doing. i am wondering if it is safe for him to take.

pee - 07 Jul 09 at 03:50:08

a nutritionist told me that creatine should not be taken for more then 30 days. is this true? and Why?