creatine-side-effects.jpgToday I’m going discuss creatine side effects. For such a widely used supplement, most people know very little about creatine and how it works. This has lead to some wild rumors flying around about creatine. Some of these rumors are funny, others are simple ridiculous!

As a result of these rumors some people are very vary, or even scared to take creatine. This is a typical example of how misinformation spreads out of control. It’s a pity, because creatine is such a good supplement for explosive power, strength increasing and muscle building.

I have researched the positive and negative side effects of creatine thoroughly, and have written the lists below.

Positive Creatine Side Effects:

  1. You’ll feel stronger, be able to train for longer, and have a lot more energy available for workouts. Creatine helps you to push out those last few reps in the gym, which leads to more muscle growth.
  2. Your muscles will get bigger. Creatine is stored in the muscles, and also increases the amount of water stored in the muscles. This makes the muscle look bigger.
  3. Creatine decreases the amount of lactic acid build up in muscles. Lactic acid causes the burning pain you feel when you’re working out. Less pain also means that you can punch out more reps!
  4. Weight gain – most users report an almost instant weight gain when starting on creatine.
  5. More explosive power. This is a huge advantage to those who are involved in strength sports that require instant power. This can be anything from a 100m sprinter, to a powerlifter, or shot putter.

For more positive information about creatine see the creatine benefits post I made.

Possible Negative Creatine Side Effects:

  1. Bloating is a side effect that some users have reported when taking creatine monohydrate. While this is rare, it is a side effect. Bloating has not been reported with other forms of creatine.
  2. It’s common knowledge that creatine monohydrate can cause dehydration. Obviously, the simple solution to this is to drink more water. Athletes should be drinking more water anyway, so reports of dehydration are still very few. Again, these side effects have been reported only with creatine monohydrate.
  3. Some extremely rare cases have been reported where creatine has caused kidney stones. Little is known about exactly how creatine is linked to kidney stones. These cases are very rare.

Little is known about the long term effects of supplementing with creatine. It still is a relatively new supplements, so scientists have not been able to conduct any true long term studies. Users of creatine that are worried about long term side effects can cycle creatine. This means you take creatine for 6-8 weeks, then stop for 2-4 weeks. This means the body is less dependent on supplements for creatine.

The bottom line.

Creatine works. Lifters know it, scientists know it and trainers know it. There are some possible creatine side effects, but these cases are few and far between.

I have always recommended creatine to most athletes I’ve worked with. It’s what I consider an essential supplement for strength trainers. If you have any questions about the creatine side effects feel free to post them in the comments below and I’ll answer them as soon as possible.

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Chuck - 06 May 08 at 23:47:29

I took an life insurance policy blood test and they are telling me I have elevated levels that can possibly be renal failiure of the kidneys. I was cycling creatine at the time and I told the company that. I feel fine, I drink water while cycling. I am 39 years old and have been taking creatine for several years by cycling it. I have tested high in my creatine levels before and when I told the doctor about the supplement he didn’t seem concerned. Will using creatine show the type of blood results the insurance company is concerned about? I am due to come off the cycle and will probably follow up with my physciian just to be sure.

admin - 07 May 08 at 03:29:21

Hi Chuck, It’s not unusual to test with high levels when you’re on creatine, that’s just good a good sign that it’s working :) You should not have any kidney trouble with creatine, as long as you keep your water intake high (around 3lt a day).

Definitely follow up with your doctor on this though.

Tomas Brennan - 22 Jul 08 at 04:51:39

hi i’m 18 and i play soccer professionally.
Should i take creatine or am i too young? Would it benefit my performance as a soccer player?

chandan - 05 Oct 08 at 07:43:55

i m new to creatine i purchased prolab’s creatine monohydrate , till date i have taken 5 loadings of creatine and that is 5gms/day 30 – 45 minutes before workout, i use to train for 1 -2 hrs. in gym on weight training, sometimes during workout i use to feel headches and then nausea, then i have to leave my workouts and walk straight away to home and stuck to bed, i feel like i m sick , having fever , i use to sweat a lot, then i takes 4 – 5 hours to recover ,this is happenning from 3 days since i started to take creatine monohydrate tell me sir , is this normal for a creatine beginner? i have never used creatine in my whole life..i m 5’8 167 lbs and 20 yrs , graduation there any effect on sexual power also and on kidneys also? will i loose my muscles wen i stop taking creatine? can i use whey proteins afterwards? i want to use creatine for short time due to its side-effects..however reading youur blog i gained some confidence..anyway help me please i m very confused ..i spent $30 on creatine.i feel that i wasted my damn bugs…i have to maintain my diet also? i have to take very heavy diet with creatine?

jeanpaul - 07 Nov 08 at 19:26:59

well it looks like you know quite alot about this product so i wanted to ask you, instead of reading comments from youtube. about water rention, face bloating , if it was common; i have never experienced bloating in my case but i know people who are born with this problem. will i start to experience it by taking creatine?? need to know this because it kind of worries me. thanks again

admin - 12 Nov 08 at 19:56:23

Hi Tomas, you’re not too young start taking creatine. Creatine can help you with energy in short bursts, like sprinting and jumping so it could help you out with soccer.

seanaarchr - 15 Dec 08 at 10:04:45

I have juzz started Creatine of 6 Star Muscles advanced creatine. After exact 2 weeks mi craetinine levels were 1.72 (required is 0.5–1.50 mg%), So mi lab technician suggested to stop taking creatine, What should i do?

I am confused. Please educate me. Please.

zach - 30 Dec 08 at 14:06:06

would you recomend creatine for a 15 year old taking mma classes 3 times a week?

Dave - 14 Jan 09 at 10:27:21

I just wanted to know is Creatine good for competitive swimming?

navak - 20 Jan 09 at 23:01:26

hi does creatine have any side effects on our sexual life…….

CSG Admin: Peter - 24 Jan 09 at 14:35:28

Not at all :)

J.R - 26 Jan 09 at 01:14:40

is creatine a good idea for a 16 year old? i work out at the gym 3-4 times a week doing weight training.

Samar - 30 Jan 09 at 09:09:08


i am a beginner in workout.i used to do exercises early.
i just wanted to know that i started doing workouts after a gap of roughly 2 + yrs. i strated with mix exercises for a month then with 2 parts of exercises for coulple of months n then finally i have strated with single body part.
i now strated taking ONs serious mass along with MHP Extreme Trac -NO.
but now i am feeling that my stamina is decresing while doing exrcises & i am now lifting less compared to earlier, i am taking moderate diet along with these supplements. could this be bcoz of taking creatine?
Kindly suggest.

vanessa - 01 Mar 09 at 17:28:27

hi i just wanted to say that my husband has been taking creatine for quite a while now, and it turns him into a psycho!! so beware if you want to become a very angry person then take this stuff oother wise stay away! and i know this for a fact cause whens he is not on it he is great! to bad he is going to lose his family over a supplement!

CSG Admin: Peter - 02 Mar 09 at 20:03:17

Vanessa – it’s comments like that that spread the COMPLETE MYTHS about creatine. Creatine is not hormonal, thus it has absolutely nothing to do with the way your husband acts. In fact, creatine is found in read meat, so after a big steak at a steakhouse does he go crazy to? I think you need to ask him what else he’s been taking :)

Lexx Lutz - 11 Mar 09 at 19:22:22

I’m 14 and want more muscle will creatine hurt me in any way shape or form?

Daniel Kim - 20 Mar 09 at 13:37:02

Does Creatine stimulate the increase of hormones? I have Six Star Muscle Fuel Creatine and was wondering if its advanced than a lot of other creatine types?

Money - 03 May 09 at 22:10:43

Yo. I’m 15 years old and I’m trying to get big. I workout three days a week *Monday-Wednesday-Friday*. If I take a table spoon of creatine everyday I workout, will I have any sexual side effects? Or any side effects at all?

Some of my freinds told me that it messes with your reproduction system, and I wouldn’t be able to have kids.

weegee - 04 May 09 at 04:14:33

Hi, What is better supplement for me to take a whey protein powder or creatine? I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and my goal is muscle mass. What do you recommend for me?

marco - 13 May 09 at 10:15:34

hey daniel kim i m on the six star creatine and it starts out working in a few days u first start to gain weight i gained 6 pounds in only a few days. and yes it does increase ur hormones ……just read the box

Joel - 31 May 09 at 06:57:51

I’m in the same basket as most of the 15-16 yr olds on this page. Will this have any negatove effects on a 15 yr old?

sara - 05 Jun 09 at 13:57:18

I was just wondering do you have to work out every day when you start taking creatine? How will my diet change or just eat the same?

stephen - 21 Jun 09 at 06:48:20

Hi, my sport is martial arts i’ve been reading up about how creatine can improve dinamic energy which is what i need for kicks and punches, which creatine do u think would be best for me? also would it make a difference to me with the sport that i train in?


NIKUNJ - 25 Jun 09 at 02:29:37


ryangill32 - 06 Jul 12 at 03:02:18

im 14 can i take creatine

Jay Biz - 16 Feb 13 at 21:50:32

The first creatine i used was called cell-tech back in the day….11 pounds in 7 days, fully bloated but also was lifting more. The problem I ran into was as soon as I stopped the “loading phase”, weight dropped and so did strength. The Creatine 3X Elite from Dr Max Powers seems to be the best creatine I have ever bought online for long term strength gains which I keep even after getting off of it completely.