creatine-benefits.jpgCreatine is one of the few truly scientifically proven bodybuilding supplements. There have been a large number of studies conducted into the effects of creatine on size, speed, power and muscle growth. All studies have shown that creatine can have a whole array of positive effects on the body.

So what are the benefits of taking creatine? The list I have created below outline all the creatine benefits. If you have any questions about the benefits of creatine, or any general creatine questions, post in the comments at the bottom of the page and I’ll post the answers.

Benefits of creatine:

  1. Increased power during your workouts. Creatine gives you the extra power you need to bust out those extra few reps. This is the main benefit of creatine. Having increased levels of creatine in your muscles means more available for energy!
  2. Weight gain. New users will gain weight almost immediately when starting using creatine supplements. While this is known as “water weight”, it does make your muscle look bigger.
  3. You have less dependence on glycogen for energy. This basically means that you have less build up of lactic acid, leading to less muscle pain allowing you to train harder.
  4. Faster muscle growth. With more energy available, you can train harder and you’ll see results much faster when supplementing with creatine. Some studies have shown creatine monohydrate to increase lean muscle growth up up to 30%.
  5. More strength during your workouts. Going back to point number 1, creatine gives you more energy so you’ll feel much stronger during your workouts.
  6. Creatine is a 100% natural product, it’s not a drug or a steroid. (see creatine myths) It’s found in small quantities in red meat and oily fish. It is not practical to try and increase your creatine intake through diet because the amount of creatine contained in foods is minute. For example, you would need to eat 5lbs of raw red meat per day to get the same amount of creatine that’s in 1 teaspoon of creatine monohydrate!
  7. Creatine has also been used in treatments for serious diseases like heart disease or neuromuscular disorders. More studies are being conducted into the effects of creatine on a whole host of diseases.

Got any questions? Post the in the comments below and we’ll answer them for you!

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Pia - 09 May 09 at 06:49:18

Is there are way to use creatine and not experience the weight gain?

Is it as useful for runners (long distance) as it is for body building? If so, what is the suggested usage?

Terri - 15 May 09 at 12:55:44

I have lupus and take a few meds that have caused weight gain. What I am looking for is something to give me the energy to workout and build muscle. It appears to me that creatine is used mostly for lifting and not to help with indurance/energy for cardio.

roscoboy - 03 Jun 09 at 13:47:21

refering to the water weight does this mean it only retains water and looks as though muscles built up or is this just temporaly at the start of use and geos away ?

i have 700mg body fortress creatine capsulse. and i train 3 to 4 nights a week. when shud i take and roughly how many hours between training. and shud i take on rest days

richard browne - 27 Jun 09 at 11:54:26

can you use creatine glutamine and protein together

richard browne - 27 Jun 09 at 11:58:21

can you use creatine glutamine and protein powder togather after each workout