sprinting.jpgToday I am going to answer a question that was emailed to me by a college sprinter…

Question: “I am going to start doing the 100m sprint on my college athletics team, can creatine help me sprint faster?”

Answer: Creatine supplements can be used to increase explosive energy. Creatine is stored is muscles and can be converted into available fuel faster than any other energy source in the human body. Creatine can provide virtually instant energy, but it doesn’t last long. At most, even with creatine levels elevated from creatine supplements, creatine will only provide energy for about 10-20 seconds.

Creatine is ideal for sprinters, especially the 100m because it’s such a short race. Straight off the blocks, your body will immediately start using creatine for energy. The more creatine you have available in your muscle tissue the most energy can be released. This has a very obvious benefit to sprinters, instant and powerful energy straight off the mark.

Sprinters should take creatine just like bodybuilders. Load creatine for 5 days taking 20g per day, the drop back to a 5g per day maintenance dose. (also see how to take creatine article) Some coaches may advise sprinters to stop taking creatine 2-3 days before a major event. This is because creatine can cause the body to hold extra water. Water is weight and obviously for sprinting you want to be as light as possible.

Creatine is ideal for any sports that require explosive energy. These might include sprinting, football, baseball and sprint cycling.

If you have any questions about creatine and sprinting post below. Good luck in your next race!

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Dylan - 06 Jul 08 at 20:32:51

i play soccer and i was wondering if using creatine will hurt my performance rather then make it better, i also workout if that makes a difference

garry ryan - 11 Nov 08 at 01:04:14

i am competing in lifesaving events
300m swim,120m sprint swim,flags, 90m beach sprints. how will i load ? do i still stop 2-3 days before ? will i use up creatine in one event ?do i take creatine during day to refuel ? could you help me with this thankyou

James - 05 Mar 09 at 06:47:15

I am a 200 and 400m running and I found that using creatine whilst training improves my performances. I would advise using it for 2 months then taking a break for a month then using it again for 2 months and so on.

Saurabh - 29 Mar 09 at 01:45:15

im a 400m sprinter, does taking creatine benefits my event & if yes what should be the doses taken per day?

Christine Couper - 08 May 09 at 01:39:01

My 15yr old son is a 400m sprinter a Touch football player & a Rugby League player. He needs muscles for football but needs to keep lite for spriinting. Will Creatine benifit him and if so how should he take it to benifit him the most? Speed in Sprinting and Toiuch Football is the most important to him. Is he to young to take Creatine?

Goldberg - 21 May 09 at 17:19:29

Saurabh Im 18 years old and a 100m sprinter, used Creatine last year in my training regime and I went from 51.6 off creatine to 48.9 On Creatine so with a good training regime and Creatine it will definatly help.