postworkout.jpgI get emails all the time from people who are confused about which type of creatine they should be using. There are many conflicting articles on the web about which type of creatine works best, when to take it, and how much to take.

The truth of the matter is, there is not really one answer for everyone. Everyone is different, and many people respond differently to creatine. Some people do not even respond at all, these people are generally referred to as “non-responders”. Non-responders will not get any benefits from supplementing with creatine. Fortunately, these cases are rare.

So let’s look at the 2 main types of creatine you’re probably going thinking of using, creatine monohydrate and creatine ethyl ester. There are other types of creatien available, but there two are the most popular and most used to I’m going to focus on them.

Creatine Monohydrate:

Creatine mon

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Creatine Monohydrate is the best - 23 Mar 08 at 13:25:19

I totaly agree to your post..
The best results i get with creatine monohydrate.

scientist also say that you can get the best results with creatine monohydrate

ashish - 04 Oct 08 at 01:39:56

which company or brand creatine is good ?

shoba - 04 Nov 08 at 02:04:21

My daughter is a sprinter – 100m and 200m – aged 16 years. She has been training for the last 10 years. Her coach has recommended that she take Creatine. Please let me know the dosage for the same and when to take. Also whether it is advisable to take it prior to wok-outs and after work-outs.

CSG Admin: Peter - 12 Nov 08 at 20:02:49

BSN Cellmass is a good form of creatine that doesn’t leave you bloated

sahil - 18 Dec 08 at 07:28:05

i’v been wrking out 4m past 2.5 years. i hv nice lean body. my biceps are 16″. but my chest size doesnt increase much. i take very good diet and enough proteins, i hv tried cellmass stacked with n.o explode. bt chest din show much improvmnt. would creatine-monohydrate is gonna help me???? plz reply soon.

sahil - 18 Dec 08 at 08:08:45

i hv been workn-out 4m 2.5 years. i hv a nice lean body, 16″ biceps. my chest size doesnt increase much. i tke good diet, good quantity of proteins. i hv taken cellmass stacked with n.o explode. it workd bt still not much on chest. should i take creatine monohydrate?? would it help me?? rply as soon as possible plz…..

CSG Admin: Peter - 19 Dec 08 at 22:21:43

If your chest is not growing at the rest of your body is good sized, you should be looking at your chest workout. Creatine monohydrate will help with energy levels

sahil - 20 Dec 08 at 05:56:55

thnx a ton peter, bt plz tell me. which exercises to do 4 chest n how many sets and repetitions. i can lift 100 kgs max. (flat bench press). plz tel me , how much should a lift , plz i’ll b grateful to u…

Anton - 27 Apr 09 at 13:24:16

I’m a fourteen year old boy that has ben taking creatine from the 7th grade by the way i’m in 9th and my bench press is 250 should i change creatine or not I take Creatine Monohydrate

ashish - 04 Jun 09 at 00:53:56

i am using creatine ethyleaster nw earlier i was using creatine monohydrate.i wnt to knw which form is better gor me.and my chest is nt growing as much as my other body which suppliment is gud for me

Aditya Sanwal - 08 Jun 12 at 17:38:08

creatine monohydrate is best,but we dont know,which company suppliment is best, coz duplicacy is in its full move….
Aditya Sanwal
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